The "Ratsey Red" logo

Amongst our Archives we’ve uncovered the story behind the distinctive half circle “Ratsey Red”. It was decided to change the way that the Ratsey name was applied to sails with the simple desire to “make them easier to recognise at a distance”. This notice states that the name stamp will be applied “in the same form at the tack, but with a half moon red background.

The serial number and date will be shown at the Head instead of the tack now. These name stamps were designed for each of the Ratsey and Lapthorn sail lofts at the time, Cowes, Gosport and City Island New York. The additional location of Miami, Florida was a subsidiary of the main City Island loft. There is a great museum of maritime history with a great archive on Ratsey and Lapthorn at Seaport New York.

Ratsey red on sails.jpg

The Ratsey Logo has become a “must have” for many classic boat owners with a desire to maintain that truly authentic look. More of the Ratsey history can be found on our Facebook and Instagram pages or by buying a copy of the definitive history of Ratsey and Lapthorn by William Collier; Classic Sails “The Ratsey and Lapthorn Story” still in print and available through the loft.


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