The Ratsey Sail Plan Archive

Ratsey and Lapthorn have an unrivalled collection of historic Sail Plans dating back over 100 years. Many are leather bound and some a little singed from a fire that threatened to sweep through our loft a few years ago. What they offer is a chance to revisit the wonderful original sail plans of your boat or one you previously owned. Many are still very relevant today.

As the construction of many Classic boats dates back to the earlier part of last century we can unveil in our loft these beautiful plans that depict this bygone era. Most are of the “pre Dacron/pre synthetic age”. These plans would have been for the cotton and flax canvas weaves treated with linseed oil from which sails were made. Much heavier than modern fabrics, the related rigging and strengthening devices has to be that much stronger too.

You are welcome to come and visit the loft to seek out a sail design for your boat or we can replicate a design for you either as a framed picture of your boat’s design or as an actual sail with some adjustment to modern fabrics as you require. Ratsey and Lapthorn aim to preserve and present these in the best possible way.