What a weekend at Les Voiles D'Antibes!

Antibes Yacht.jpeg

Ratsey and Lapthorn were delighted to be one of the sponsors at the Voile D’Antibes this year alongside the title sponsors Hill Robinson.  75 yachts entered of all sizes, including Moonbeam, Mariska, Manitou, Hallowe’en. Hallowe’en being the overall winner of the Big Boat Class.

Conditions were a mixed bag; from shortened races due to a lack of breeze to one race being cancelled due to too much breeze! C’est la Vie!. Overall there was good racing and more importantly great fun and enjoyment ofthese beautiful yachts in the most glamorous of settings that is the French Riviera. 

The ambience of the whole event was wonderful. Antibes combines its Jazz festival, with this sailing event so every day from 9 am to 10 pm, there were exhibitions on the theme of the Sea and the Environment, as well as cocktails, concerts and parades  allowing the public to mix with the crews and soak up the atmosphere of the race village and Port Vauban. It was fantastic to see such hospitality in a country where sailing really is a national pastime.

We recreated a small corner of the R&L loft in Cowes there in the Race village, bringing with us samples of the quality craftsmanship that you can expect from R&L, as well as some of our archives. We were able to show the original sail plans and designs for around 1/3rd of the fleet. It was amazing to see so much interest in these archives and to show off our part in the history of the yachts that were competing. We are very proud of our long history of sailmaking especially when you are at an event like this. It was so great to see all the yachts flying their Ratsey & Lapthorn battle flags whilst in harbour and to and from racing. 

Huge appreciation, thanks and congratulations to the organisers of the Voile D’Antibes, the port management, the societe des regattas d’antibes, to the race committee, competitors and to Hill Robinson the title sponsorsfor coming together to create such a brilliant event.

Ratsey sail loft