Puig Vela Classica - Marigan - WINNER!

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A very interesting and high competative regatta this year at the Vela Puig Classica.

Long time member of the Ratsey family, Marigan,  with her new set of completely redesigned R&L headsails and enthusiastic crew gave a fantastic performance and an important personal victory!

This year the classic Gaff class saw a top line up with up to 7 boats taking part and two of which were sporting Ratsey and Lapthorn Sails, as Morwenna, owned by Stephane Monnier, joined this year's event as well as Marigan, owned by Tim Liesenhoff.

Racing started with a long windward leeward of 18 miles, a steady strong breeze with gusts of up to 25 knots, allowing spectators to see some boats having to reef their sails and unfortunately for others breakages and sail tears, luckily nothing major. 

Marigold, the oldest boat competing the event, won the regata by 1.30 minutes ahead of Veronique and followed by Marigan who suffered a major tear in their ballon Jib rounding the leeward mark.

Second day of racing saw calmer conditions with 12 knots a shorter course but with more marks to round.

Marigan took advantage of it's ability to perform well in lighter conditions and won the day with Veronique repeatinghersecond place and Marigold going third, and a respectable 4th place for Morwenna.

Going into the last day, tensions were high,, the top three boats were on an equal footing. Conditions were very light, credit to the Marigan tactician and crew for a fantastic start where they managed to roll Veronique off the startline, they lead the rest of the race from that moment on. Marigold could not match Marigan in these light conditionsthat she sails so well in, using their new light Jib to deliver maximum power.

Our congratulations to all the winners and a big mention to Puig, for their comitment to deliver a top event for the classics yachts in the Mediterranean waters. A fantastic weekend of Sailing.