My Old Bag

Vintage Ratsey Bag.jpg

A lovely lady called Lisa Brown Price has been in touch with us recently in an email entitled ‘My Old Bag’, Lisa, from the rather marvellously named town of Celebration in Florida, told us that her R&L bag, which she received for her 4th grade at school in the 1970’s is still going strong. The bag was made at the City Island Loft in the Bronx NYC and she still loves using it today.

‘Thank you for a quality product!  I look forward to using it forever.’

Thank you so much to Lisa for getting in touch, we absolutely love hearing these stories and seeing Ratsey and Lapthorn products still in good use 40 years plus after they were made, it’s a fantastic testimonial to the quality of the workmanship that goes into everything we make. If anyone else out there happens to have an old bag, or T shirt, hat, poster or of course an actual sail(!) we would love to hear from you.


If you would like an R&L bag of your own please have a look at our online shop where we have a new range available. The fabrics and threads used to construct our tote bags are the same as used to make our Ocean Crossing Sails. As such we believe you wont find a stronger bag. So much so that all our bags come with a life-time Guarantee.

Ratsey sail loft