Hamble Classics - Aeolus WINNER!

Photo credit - John Green Cowes

Photo credit - John Green Cowes

The 4th Hamble Classics Regatta this year hosted by the RAF Yacht Club was another big success with 68 entries in 10 classes.

With strong wind over tide conditions for Saturday the Solent was at it’s most challenging. There were quite a few retirements from racing and many of the smaller boats simply could not compete. 

Ratsey and Lapthorn General Manager, Steve and his crew aboard Cormorant set off across the Solent but the weather conditions were against them. Steve said: ‘ With wind over tide and a very fresh breeze we took the decision to return to Cowes just before we got to the edge of the Bramble bank. I felt the boat could take the conditions, but it was going to be a long day for us and we were already soaked!’.

It proved to be the right call as racing for their class was cancelled on the Saturday. Sunday dawned with very little breeze and so given Cormorant’s lack of engine the team didn’t leave the mooring. A great shame given all the work that goes into getting the boat ready for these regattas however that’s sailing!

There was better news for Richard Hargreaves on board Aeolus who won three of her four races and was therefore overall winner of their class which had six entries, with only three managing to compete. So huge congratulations to the Aeolus team for sticking it out in those rough conditions.

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