The Jubilee Sailing Trust & Ratsey

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The Jubilee Sailing Trust was founded in 1978 with the belief that if disabled and non-disabled people were to sail alongside each other, it would help break down the prejudices and misunderstandings between different social groups. With the vision to use thoughtful design and equipment to create a fully accessible ship to be crewed by a mixed ability crew.


This mission is delivered aboard two very special tall ships, STS Lord Nelson and SV Tenacious. They are the only tall ships in the world designed and built so they can be sailed by a truly mixed ability crew, including people with a wide variety of impairments and health conditions. The JST began with one purpose built ship ‘The Lord Nelson’ when she was first launched in 1985. 

Ratsey and Lapthorn’s association with the Jubilee Sailing Trust goes back to that time when our very own Andy Cassell, Para Olympian and expert Sail designer was at the launch. He designed and built the Sails ready for the Lord Nelson’s maiden sail in 1986. As a para Olympian the ethos behind the Jubilee Sailing Trust is very close to Andy’s heart and indeed is at the centre of the Andrew Cassell Foundation.

Since then we have been very proud to be able to provide regular repair services for both Ships and have recently made a new Flying Jib for the Lord Nelson. 

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Ratsey & Lapthorn are sailmakers based in Cowes on the Isle of Wight. We specialise in racing sails, cruising sails and classic sails. Combining the latest sail making technology with hundreds of years of experience established within the loft, no boat is too big or too small.