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Our history is steeped in winning races. Whether you want to win your local regatta or challenge for the Panarai series we can help you find the right sails to win. Ratsey’s history is based on racing classes from the America’s cup to J Class boats and Cowes own Daring class. This inspires us to give you the best level of service and set your boat up for success.

With lots of different sail plans and materials to choose from, making your boat go faster can be a challenge. Rest assured that the Ratsey team can give you the time and understanding your boat requires from rigging to rating rules to understand how we can make continued improvements to your inventory.

Our designers and sail makers are keen racers themselves and know how to make a boat go fast. Designing and shaping sails to make your boat competitive is what we do. We can advise on the choice of fabrication from a Classic Mitre cut sail plan through Radial, Tri- Radial and now Laminate technologies. Our aim is to constantly improve our levels of customer service and with you design a totally bespoke winning sail.

For information and quotes please contact us at or 01923 294051