Ratsey and Lapthorn bags are built in our sail loft using the same fabrics, threads and technique’s as those used to build sails designed to withstand enormous forces. For example, the 138 Dabond threads used to seam the bags require sewing machines that can only used by sailmakers and would not be found in a regular factory. So it is fair to say we have complete confidence in the durability of our bags and back this up by offering each one a lifetime guarantee. This promise is there to cover all repairs that arise as a result of a failure in the construction or in the materials and where a repair is not possible, we will replace the item at no cost.

To take advantage of this lifetime guarantee, simply email hello@ratseyandlapthorn.com and describe the issue, preferably with a photo attached. Please include your order number where possible.

Reasonable wear and tear – Our lifetime guarantee is a demonstration of our absolute confidence in the quality of construction of our products. Ratsey bags are constructed to last a lifetime, becoming more treasured as they wear the wrinkles and scars of life. When required, Ratsey would be delighted to repair natural wear and tear or give the bags a refurbishment. Our sailmakers will review any issues carefully and if the bag is not subject to a free repair, then we will discuss the reasonable cost to return it to full functionality.


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